Dibond Printing

Dibond is a uniquely durable material that is incredibly resilient to all conditions, making it fade-resistant, weatherproof and rust-proof. If you’re looking for a long-lasting material for your chosen application, printed Dibond is a great option that is sure to last many years. Dibond is made from polyethylene which is sandwiched between two sheets of aluminium for a light yet hard-wearing material. It prints brilliantly, both with glossy and matte finishes, and can be printed on both sides to maximise your marketing potential.

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Printed Dibond

Printed Dibond is a fantastic option for applications that need to last but also need to be easy to install. The beauty of Dibond is that it can be used outdoors for long periods without rusting or showing signs of damage, as well as being easy to drill into place for long-term applications. Using UV inks, it provides an excellent printed result that’s clear, smooth and vibrant, and will resist fading when exposed to sunlight and moisture. Dibond is a triple-layered material that provides fantastic rigidity and stability, while also delivering first-class image quality, so it’s a great option for larger signs where you need the image and text to be clear both up close and from a distance.


Uses for Printed Dibond

Printed Dibond is a common choice for signs in a host of different industries, from pubs and clubs to retail centres, hotels and car dealerships. It can also be used for events and exhibitions for promotion or to highlight the location to visitors. Dibond is ideal for hanging signs, as not only is it lightweight but it can also be printed on both sides to make the most of the space available. It’s also commonly used for signs attached to fences or perimeter hoarding, such as in the construction industry, as it can cope with impact or scratches without showing signs of wear and tear.

It isn’t just useful for large signs – it can also be cut to small shapes and sizes for small-scale applications that boast just as much aesthetic appeal. Why not use Dibond for menus in restaurants or bars, or perhaps for door signs to separate work areas to those suitable for the general public. The bold colours and images achieved with printed Dibond ensure that you can make the most of your signs or decorative features for many years to come without worrying about the quality or the appearance deteriorating.