Correx Board Printing

Correx is an affordable and lightweight material that is a great option for signage solutions as it provides a fade-resistant printing surface. In particular, it’s a common choice for estate agent signs and temporary signage as it’s easy to hang up using just tape or glue, or it can be drilled into place easily if you want a more secure fit. Correx is the brand name for polypropylene board, which is a corrugated plastic sheeting that is long-lasting, is waterproof so it can be used outside, and is lightweight enough that it can be installed within moments with minimal effort.

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Printed Correx Boards

Correx is a budget-friendly option that makes it well-suited to temporary signs and notices such as indoor promotional displays for supermarkets or retail spaces. It can be printed on either one side or as a double-sided sign for maximum visibility and can be used for small or larger signs depending on your requirements. If you want to hang your sign up, Correx can be drilled easily to allow you to hang the sign up for attracting attention to customers as they’re walking through your store. Correx can also be purchased with the holes pre-drilled and eyelets fitted for a truly secure fit that takes next to no time to put in place, whether it’s hanging from a shop ceiling, attached to fencing or tied to lampposts. Although it is a lightweight sheeting, it is surprisingly tough and can withstand exposure to the elements without fading or tearing, so your images and messaging will remain vibrant.


Uses for Printed Correx

Printed Correx is a great material for affordable signage that doesn’t compromise on quality or results. It prints brilliantly, whatever size you opt for, so you can go as small as an A3 sign to larger advertisements that can be attached to fencing or buildings to maximise visibility without it costing a fortune. From estate agent signs to promotional offers, event promotions and exhibition or conference displays, and even health and safety signs, there are many ways to utilise printed Correx in your business. It can also be used for directional signage if your premises have changed or if you’re a new company in the area and you want to inform customers of your whereabouts. If you’re looking for a material that will deliver excellent clarity, vibrant and a fade-resistant finish, Correx is a superb option that will bring your business plenty of attention from visitors and potential customers.