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Heras Fence Covers



Heras Fence Covers Design

Heras fence covers are available in a number of different materials to suit different needs and budgets, from PVC mesh to polyester and PVC banners. They are printed using UV inks which means they will last for a long time without deteriorating in quality, keeping your logo and messaging as crisp as the first day they arrive. Heras fence covers are lightweight and easy to put in place – they’re also fire-retardant and eco-friendly, so they’re a great investment. They can be produced to fit all major brands and types of temporary fencing too, which makes them versatile and easy to put in place for your upcoming events. However, bespoke sizes can also be accommodated to meet your exact specifications and needs, as well as specific finishing methods. From printed designs to plain colours fence covers, the options are endless.

Heras fence covers are waterproof so they can be used indoors and for outdoor events, providing security and privacy when it is needed. For maximum health and safety, they can also be produced in heavy-duty flame-retardant materials that will provide additional peace of mind. The spacing of eyelets along the edge of the fence covers makes them easy to fix to the fencing itself and secures the covers against wind or knocks from people passing by.


Uses for Heras Fence Covers

These fence covers are a must for any event, whether it’s indoors and you want to keep large crowds organised, or for outdoor occasions such as sporting events, festivals or concerts. Fence covers are a great option for nightclubs to separate queues from those walking by, as well as for restaurants and retail spaces on busier days such as new product launches. Debris netting can be attacked to make construction sites tidier and safer for the general public too. Whether you choose to brand your fence covers or simply keep them plain, they are a great way of obscuring areas you don’t want seen, such as backstage areas of concerts or festivals. They provide excellent cohesion and organisation to any event space, large or small, and with so many options available, there is a solution and print option to suit all needs and requirements.

Printed Heras Fence Netting 

Heras fence netting is an affordable solution to debris on construction sites or outdoor areas, but it also serves as an effective privacy barrier to keep certain areas of an event space off limits to unauthorised people. HDPE-woven netting can be printed with any design or colour you require, as well as being available in flame-retardant options depending on your needs or the environment in which it is being used. Fence netting is supplied to perfectly fit the entire height of a typical heras fence panel for a secure fit that maximises the printing potential for your branded design or message. With securely fastened hems and metal eyelets, you can ensure that your fence netting cover is secure to prevent visibility to the other side for maximum privacy, as well as to prevent any debris from penetrating the perimeter fencing line.


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Standard – PVC Mesh, Premium – Polyester Airmesh


Full Size – 3375mm (w) x 1780mm (h) – Pricing model 1, Banner – 3375mm (w) x 700mm (h), Vehicle Gate – 2050mm (w) x 1780mm (h), Pedestrian Gate – 1050mm (w) x 1780mm (h)


2 + units = £52.00 each, 5 + units = £46.00 each, 10 + units = £43.00 each, 20+ units = £42.00 each, 30+ units = £41.00 each, 40+ units = £38.00 each, 50 + units = £37.00 each