Promotional Deck Chairs

PVC Covers

Polyester Airmesh Covers

Promotional deck chairs are the perfect balance between function and advertisement and can be used anywhere from festivals and concerts to pubs, restaurants and cafés. Made from hard-wearing and long-lasting materials, they can be used both in and outdoors to great effect. Whether you keep your design simple with a coloured background and plain text or you go all out with a bold, graphic design, the options for creative marketing are endless. They can also be changed easily so you can change the designs as often as you would like.


Promotional Deck Chair Covers

Deck chairs are made from high-quality materials such as beech wood and canvas or polyester materials which can be washed easily and used outside without damage. Promotional deck chairs are printed using UV inks that provide a rich and full colour result for a vibrant replication of your chosen design, which won’t scratch or fade over time. The durable nature of these materials makes promotional deck chairs a great investment that you can reuse time and again for multiple different events. And at an affordable price, you can mix up the designs you choose, from standard business branding to more specific designs for unique marketing campaigns or one-off events.


Uses for Promotional Deck Chairs

From exhibitions and conferences to festivals, outdoor concerts and food events, there are many settings where promotional deck chairs would be a welcome addition. They’re the perfect promotional tool to draw attention to your business details and company name, while also being useful and practical for customers and passers-by. From providing additional seating at beachside cafés or outdoor areas at pubs to summer events, both in and outdoors, businesses can make use of promotional deck chairs to put their branding in the eyeline of the general public without any stress or hassle.


These branded chairs can be personalised in any way you choose, and they don’t have to just be for businesses. Why not have custom chair covers created for an outdoor event such as a wedding or for a special birthday or anniversary celebration? They’re the perfect way to make sure your event stands out from the crowd and are not only brilliant to look at, but functional too. Bespoke deck chair covers make a great gift idea that can be decorated with a very personal design or message and are guaranteed to be a more unique gift that will spark great memories of the special day itself.